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Read more reviews on Google!

Excellent Service. Highly recommend. 5 Star Reviews.


Mr. Solomon explained the whole procedure in our consultation. We felt so comfortable we immediately hired him as our attorney. Mr. Solomon and his assistant Julie exceeded our expectations. I cannot say enough about them. I highly recommend Mr. Solomon for his service. You get more for your money over anyone else.


Buying a house can be a very scary experience. It is important to have someone guide you through the process of dealing with the brokers, mortgage company and other parties involved in the transaction. Robert and Julie helped me through the process and were always available to answer my phone calls and questions. When it came time for the closing there were issues related to the title, the condition of the property and getting possession from the seller. Robert expertly guided me through these issues and ultimately the closing was very smooth. I would recommend Robert and his assistant Julie highly to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. Great job
— Basdeo N.
Thank you very much for taking care of us for this case. We both truly appreciate it for your professionalism. Your office’s honest, confident, friendly and warm atmosphere made us relaxed throughout the process. We should have had a lot of more stress without your kindness.

Ayumi O.
Thank you for all your great effort and success in the tricky process of settling my debt . You have been a gentleman from the beginning .I especially appreciate the dignity , encouragement and respect that you showed me throughout this period of painful reflection and growth into a new chapter in my life with a clean slate .I will try and remember the mountain we had to climb and use this freedom to initiate positive changes in my lifestyle I must give gracious thanks to Jess for all his help with this process . He went above and beyond seeing to it that with his heart, his pocketbook , his discipline , perseverance and brotherly love that his big brother has a fighting chance to get back in the groove and enjoy life and be a positive contributor to this world . You guys should be proud and will be proud .

- Frank M.
Robert helped and guided me every step of the way, making me feel secure that I could get through this and get a fresh start in life. He was very professional and his staff was very friendly and accommodating as well. I had a lot of questions, and Robert was very patient about answering all of them and reassuring me that I was making the right choice. I would highly recommend his services. You will be in great hands!

I’m writing again 4 years later to say that once again, when I needed a document from Robert, he responded right away and took the time to talk to me about how I was doing. I’m happy to say life is great and my husband and I are buying a house. My credit is getting better every day. and although it was not a pleasant process to go through 4 years ago, it gave me the fresh start I needed. I remember Robert telling me at the time that things would get better, and they did. He is very supportive and caring. Highly recommend.

Denise Marder
— Google ★★★★★
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robert in various matters over the past ten years. He has been especially helpful in preparing guardianship papers for my aging aunt, updating my mother’s will and has handled multiple closings. If there’s an issue that’s not his area of expertise, he has a vast network of lawyers to recommend. His attention to detail is reassuring, and he has a wonderful presence about him. I would certainly request his services again.

David Savatteri
— Google ★★★★★
My husband was forced to file bankruptcy after losing our home to super storm sandy. Mr. Solomon was very quick with filing our case and got our case approved for chapter 7. He was able to even get us approved to keep our taxes. Knowledgeable lawyer with plenty of experience with bankruptcy cases. We would recommend mr. Solomon

— Google ★★★★★
Highly recommend Mr.Robert Solomon, great person and amazing at what he does.Went the extra mile for me even wen he was home in recovery. Definitely will be recommending to friends and family!

Christian Velasquez
— Google ★★★★★
I used Rober Solomon 5 yrs ago. I was forced to file bankruptcy after my marriage ended. Not only did Mr. Solomon provide excellent service I was able to
Get a car loan and credit card less then a month later.

Allison Metzger
— Google ★★★★★
I highly recommend using Robert Solomon, he is very professional & answers all your questions. He talked me through the entire process giving me all the options. If he wasn’t available Julie his assistant answered whatever questions i had & helped with all my paperwork. They made the process very easy and stress free!!!!

Laurence K
— Google ★★★★★
Mr Solomon and his staff are top notch.
This is my first experience needing an Attorney and Mr. Solomon made it easy and very reassuring. Please please please consider Robert Solomon the next time you need real help. He is Great.

Brian Sheridan
— Google ★★★★★
Robert Solomon and his team are the best! Back in 2014 I had to claim bankruptcy. To me, it felt like the lowest point I could ever hit in life! Before finding Robert and his team, I felt very depressed and trapped! After one consultation with a Robert, a ton of weight and worry was lifted off my back!!! My bankruptcy was discharged in jan 2015.....only three months later I was getting credit card offers in the mail! Sure enough I felt the need to apply and I was approved for one! Shockingly it was more than I wanted especially after bankruptcy but to me it was a sign that I was starting over and boy have I! I’m in a better spot now in life than ever!!! It’s now June of 2017 (little under 2.5 years of my chapter 7 bankruptcy) and I was approved for a house up to 400k! So for those worried as I was....don’t be! Let Robert and his team help you out today should you need it!!! Robert Solomon is your go to lawyer when it comes to bankruptcy! He offers more services too such has representing you when you make that house purchase!! I couldn’t be where i am today if it wasn’t for Robert and his team! Thanks again for all your help!!!

David Pushnick
— Google ★★★★★
I filed for bankruptcy and Robert Solomon did an excellent job representing me.

Elizabeth Demarco
— Google ★★★★★
To ensure a conscientious and timely filing, you have to go with an attorney who will advise the filing that is right for you.” This was a recommendation to me and now I am paying it forward.

Despite the anxiety we had with our filing, we knew that it was only in our heads. Once Robert assured us that we’d be fine, our trust in him was established and unwavering. We were told by several people that we could have filed with a free service provider but I don’t advise this. You need representation from a firm with a record of experience and honesty. Why mention honesty? Well if you cannot make the payments or are lackadaisical , he will eloquently tell you to your face and let you know that your former days of “not keeping priorities in order” is what may have gotten you here and will not get you out. His message is clear and if you are planning to file bankruptcy due to self created setbacks, a direct and honest opinion is necessary.
We never doubted that we’d be certified because we were on the right path and Robert ensured that our first step was successful.

Sophia Johnson
— Google ★★★★★
In 2011 i found myself in a position i thought i would never be in. I ran a successful business for 15 years and had never faced the tribulations presented before me. i had lost my home twice in Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene and had lost a significant amount of inventory as well as my business dwelling. eventually my business closed . My personal nest egg was worn thin through two and a half years of living in a trailer and through rebuilding a home for my two young children and my wife. at the same time i supported a business and employees without earning any income. My family was at a point of despair, and when i walked into Robert Solomon’s office i was just about a broken man. Robert gave me encouragement and stood by my side as my council but more importantly as my friend. I will never forget Robert’s professionalism and integrity at his craft exuding volumes of experience and wisdom. Robert and his right hand confidant Julianne Robinson kept after me day after day ensuring that i fulfilled my obligation to completing my end of this process. I never would have achieved success without there perseverance. I thank Robert for his guidance and friendship and Julies constant daily harassment ( Ha Ha Ha ), to get my rear end moving. If anyone should come upon hard times and be in the unfortunate position of needing a bankruptcy attorney Robert Solomon and his team are second to none.

Patrick T
— Google ★★★★★
Robert Solomon is by far, one of the BEST Attorneys on Long Island. He is an expert in his field and made our experience easy as possible with all of his expert knowledge. I would definitely recommend Mr. Solomon to anybody in need of an Attorney!

Bruce Matarazzo
— Google ★★★★★
I recently had to file for bankruptcy and was very nervous and stressed out about the process. I would like to thank Robert H. Solomon for handling my bankruptcy. Mr. Solomon guided me through the process which went very well and stress free. I thank Mr. Solomon and his office assistant Julie for all their help and support. I highly recommend the services of Robert H. Solomon.

Danielle Luddy
— Google ★★★★★
Thank you Mr. Solomon and staff for all your help, it was a smooth and easy process! Thank you for helping me get a fresh start!

Cosme Abreu
— Google ★★★★★
Mr. Solomon and his assistant Julie were wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Mr. Solomon.

Ira Lenowitz
— Google ★★★★★
Highly recommend the services at this office. Rob and Julie treat you with respect and kindness. Made the process much easier than I thought it would be.

Lisa Juergens
— Google ★★★★★
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the law firm of Robert H. Solomon, PC.
I recently retained them as counsel for a private matter. On our initial meeting I was greeted by a warm staff who made me feel very comfortable. Mr. Solomon walked me through the entire process and gave me plenty of options. I felt no stress nor did I feel compelled to open my wallet. I ultimately decided to use his services because his office went above and beyond to make me feel like a human being than just another client.
Customer service to me is very important to me as well as attention to detail. Needless to say my experience was pleasurable. The Solomon law firm prides itself in working hard for the common man. I definitely recommend their services.

Jimmy O
— Google ★★★★★
Mr.Solomon”s service really has helped fix the issues that I have. And I am fortunate for being able to have found his service and used it. Mr.Solomon has gave my family the right ways to go through the situations and has guided us every step of the way!

Tara Torosian
— Google ★★★★★
I also agree with everyone’s praise of Robert Solomon. I was nervous about the bankruptcy process and did not know anything about it. Mr. Solomon explained the whole bankruptcy process and made me feel confident that I had made the right decision. My hearing went hearing very well and was very quick due to Mr. Solomon’s planning, organization and guidance. All in all it was a positive experience from beginning to end. It was such a relief for me when I received my discharge! I want to thank Mr. Solomon and his staff for their help. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Steven Wright
— Google ★★★★★
Robert Solomon made my filing of chapter 7 a very painless experience. If anyone out there needs a lawyer for bankruptcy I would highly recommend this guy. He was very patient with me and he explained everything to me so that I could really comprehend what was going on. I would like to thank Mr. Solomon for the smooth transition from bill collectors calling and threatening me to on my way to financial stability.

Tremayne Stephens
— Google ★★★★★
Robert Solomon saved my world. He truly is the best Bankruptcy attorney on Long Island. I had lost my job due to the economic crash of 2008 and trying to stars my own construction business. Before then I had no problem paying my bills then unemployment ran out and my savings was depleted now paying my bills got much harder. I tried talking with the banks but they wouldn’t help, they just raised my interest rates to 29.9%. I talked with credit counseling and they were going to save me from having to pay a lot of money back to the credit cards but by the time I paid there fees I was only saving a few hundred dollars and it would take years. In addition I had to stop paying my creditors and completely destroy my credit before they could even help, and at this point I was still current on all my bills. Then I was introduced to Robert Solomon I was very nervous at first. For years all I did was pay my creditors and I felt I was doing something wrong. Robert showed me that with the interest rates I was being charged that the banks had already got back the money I borrowed a long time ago and what I owed them was strictly profit (Greed) His fee was more than reasonable and in a few short weeks all my credit card debt was gone and a tremendous weight was off my back. Now I am building my construction business and I don’t have to panic anymore if there is a day or two that I don’t have any work. Thank You Robert for everything, you are one of the best lawyers out there and one of a very few truly honest lawyers in existence. Thank you for giving me my life and future back.

Rick Warokomski
— Google ★★★★★
Mr. Solomon handled my petition for bankruptcy during what was a difficult period of my life. He and his legal assistant Julie always responded to my questions, e-mails and phone calls promptly and made this a very easy and smooth process for me to undergo. I would definitely recommend Mr. Solomon to others!

Lynn G
— Google ★★★★★
Mr Solomon is a great lawyer. He is very reliable and stays by you from start to finish. He is very personable and understanding as well. He is willing and able to answer your questions and work with you any way possible. When I first came to him I was at my wits end and didn’t know how things would play out. He answered all questions, did not rush and told the honest truth.He is very well at returning phone calls. He definitely made a stressful situation be at ease.

Kai Wynter
— Google ★★★★★
Robert Solomon is definitely the attorney you want to have on your side when you need to file for bankruptcy. I’m glad I chose him to help me go through this difficult time. Mr. Solomon is very knowledgeable and answered my every question. He acted on my case promptly and everything went smooth. I recommend him highly. Thank you

Marzena Czartoryski
— Google ★★★★★
I recently went through a bankruptcy and Robert was my lawyer. He is a great guy ,never once did he make me feel bad ..He always made sure I was informed of everything . I am thankful for his help and also Julie’s help with my situation. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that needed a lawyer.

Cynthia Czaplinski
— Google ★★★★★
I would like to thank Robert H. Solomon for his professionalism and his guidance through a very difficult and stressful time in my life. He was very persistent and fought hard to get me a fair and reasonable deal. His honesty and knowledge put me at ease! I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs his services.
THANK YOU!- for all your help in cleaning my slate for a new start.

Edward Pollaro
— Google ★★★★★
What a wonderful experience it was to work with Rob and his entire team. We found Rob from a co-worker who spoke highly of him. We were nervous, ashamed and defeated by the time we went to speak with Rob. He instantly put us at ease. He was extremely knowledgeable and kind. He walked us through every single step of the way, everything unfolded exactly as he had advised. We had no surprises because of how well he guided us. We had a very involved case, I sent him what felt like a million emails. Rob always answered them the same day, usually immediately. He never came across as annoyed and was never condescending in his answers, even though some questions may have been excessive or repetitive. Thank you Rob, from the bottom of our hearts. We highly recommend him.

Mrs. P
— Google ★★★★★
I echo everyone’s praise of Robert Solomon. I went into the process of bankruptcy with doubt, nervousness and trepidation. During the first meeting he explained the whole process and made me comfortable that I was doing the right thing. Today was the hearing and due to Mr. Solomon’s planning, organization and guidance, it was such a positive experience. I feel 10 pounds lighter! Anyway, just want to thank Mr. Solomon for his help. I will recommend him to everyone I know going through what I did.

Helane Solomon
— Google ★★★★★
I would definitely recommend Robert’s office to my family and friends. The idea of the bankruptcy process was overwhelming and frightening to me. But thankfully Robert Solomon and his firm made the whole process very easy. Robert made me feel very calm. Everything went great. After the whole process was over I not only got what I came for but I also feel that I am walking away with new friends.

Denise Vono
— Google ★★★★★
I want to thank lawyer Robert H. Solomon for the excellent service he provided to me regarding a recent bankruptcy. I was very pleased with the advice, expertise and professionalism in which he went about to resolve this stressful matter in a timely manner. Lawyer Robert H. Solomon is a professional in his line of work, someone you can talk to, very knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. I therefore recommend lawyer Robert H. Solomon to anyone who is contemplating filing for bankruptcy.
Many thanks!

Atheal Grant
— Google ★★★★★
Mr. Solomon recently completed our bankruptcy case and his professional manner as well as his personal interest in our well being throughout the process was very comforting. He and his staff guided us through what has to be the toughest times in our lives and put us completely at ease. Each visit with him provided accurate information as to what to expect, and helped us come out the of what was a dark outlook and into the light of day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

John Lastorino
— Google ★★★★★
Thank You Robert I filed for Bankruptcy i was scared of the process, but he assured me that it would be easy, and to my surprise its was he kept me informed of the process and it went really smooth it was so easy and stress free. i Would highly recommend Robert Thanks Again Robert and Julie...

Pedro Coreas
— Google ★★★★★
At this time of worry and disappoint he made this process fast and painless. The day I walked out his office it felt like my phone was quiet; for the first-time in a long time. Thank you Robert Solomon for peace of mind. Now I’m on to making better saving and retirement plans. I would recommend him to anyone looking for help!

Natalie Edwards
— Google ★★★★★
I would like to commend Mr.Robert Solomon on his professionalism and performance. He guided me through a troubled time and navigated all details as promised. I would highly recommend his services as I had a good experience all around.

Darren M
— Google ★★★★★
Going through bankruptcy is a very traumatic experience. From the get-go Robert was very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating. His reassurance and friendly and professional staff made this bump in my life go smoothly, and I would highly recommend his services to anybody that needs his expertise.

Jeffrey Schelero
— Google ★★★★★
Service was Excellent, fast and pricise. A very good experience for a hard thing to have to go through. The fee was fair. All communication was on point and call backs were within a few Hours. I would use Mr. Solomon again if needed. Thank You for the great service.

Robert Kretzer
— Google ★★★★★
Robert was very helpful with my case and I truly appreciate all of his hard work. There were times when I was doubtful, but he was quite persistent on getting me a better deal. He made sure I understood everything that was going on and answered all of my questions. Thanks!!

Jessica Landa
— Google ★★★★★
As soon as we met Attorney Robert Solomon, we knew right away that He is the lawyer who could help us. He is friendly & professional. After we told him about our financial situation, He explained to us the process of bancruptcy and told us what our options were.
On top of him handling phone calls personally, his office staff also did a great job helping us.
We were properly represented. The whole process wasn’t that long and we were able to get our bancruptcy discharge. With His help we are finally able to move on and have peace of mind. We will strongly recommend him. -P.A. & A.E.

Aileen Ergina
— Google ★★★★★
I was very happy with Mr. Solomon’s services. He made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my entire bankruptcy process.

Mahmoud Aalakham
— Google ★★★★★
I am very satisfied with the representation of my bankruptcy and I recommend Mr. Solomon to anyone. I am very happy with the results.

Luisa Mislan
— Google ★★★★★
I would recommend Robert Solomon to anyone needing help with a bankruptcy.I never thought i would have to file for bankruptcy.So when i had to it was very scary and stressful time for me.But after meeting Mr.Solomon and speaking with him,and after seeing that it was going to be a stress free process for me i stopped worrying i knew he had it all under control.Everything went excellent with my hearing and i can now move on to rebuilding my credit.I owe it all to Mr.Solomon and his team.

Rawle Cyrus
— Google ★★★★★
I can;t say enough about Robert Solomon. He did a great job for me!!

Chris Wilkie
— Google ★★★★★
Robert Solomon, PC made a confusing and frustrating situation much easier, making sure I was well-informed. He was prompt in returning calls, etc. and everything was taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Samantha Dilthey
— Google ★★★★★
It was extremely professional and very helpful and handled the whole experience was very good

Harold Bilick
— Google ★★★★★
Thank you for all your great effort and success in the tricky process of settling my debt . You have been a gentleman from the beginning .I especially appreciate the dignity , encouragement and respect that you showed me throughout this period of painful reflection and growth into a new chapter in my life with a clean slate .I will try and remember the mountain we had to climb and use this freedom to initiate positive changes in my lifestyle I must give gracious thanks to Jess for all his help with this process . He went above and beyond seeing to it that with his heart, his pocketbook , his discipline , perseverance and brotherly love that his big brother has a fighting chance to get back in the groove and enjoy life and be a positive contributor to this world . You guys should be proud and will be proud .
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— Pablo