Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney on Long Island, NY

Being charged with a crime can be frightening, especially because of its potential future consequences. A criminal conviction carries severe ramifications that could affect you for the rest of your life, subjecting you to scrutiny from future employers, landlords, and third interest parties. As such, it is vital to enlist the support of an attorney who can explain your legal rights as well as your options going forward. A high-quality attorney will develop realistic expectations of your case outcome while simultaneously giving you the information and resources you need to protect your future.

At Robert H. Solomon, PC, we have the skills you are looking for. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused on Long Island, NY, and we believe you deserve the best fighting chance at a conviction-free future.

If you are facing a criminal conviction, contact our firm immediately at (516) 407-8199. Our initial consultations are free of charge.

Trusted Services in Criminal Law

At Robert H. Solomon, PC, we do more than simply defend you in court. We aim to educate our clients every step of the way so that they understand what to expect from the process. We know how difficult it can be to stay on top of what is expected from you during this time. As such, we maintain frequent communication with every client. You can trust that you will always have the latest updates on your case status. This is an emotionally challenging time, and we are here for you both personally and professionally.

Robert H. Solomon, PC represents clients charged with misdemeanor criminal offenses, including:

  • Drug-related crimes
  • Drunk driving
  • Serious motor vehicle violations
  • Disorderly person charges

As with all firm matters, we carefully manage criminal cases to produce a timely and positive resolution. Our top priority is our clients’ freedom, and we will work to ensure you are well cared for as we strive toward the best possible resolution for your case.

To ensure a favorable outcome, retain our skilled and experienced support as soon as possible. We understand what is at stake, and we are fully prepared to advocate tirelessly for your future. Call (516) 407-8199 to begin building your defense today.