Business Transactions

Business Transactions Attorney on Long Island, NY

Advancing Your Company’s Best Interests

Protecting the long-term growth of your business requires planning, meticulous care, and well-informed decisions. If you want your business to thrive for years or even generations to come, every detail of every transaction matters. If you are looking to start, expand, or sell your business, you must consider a number of important factors, from protecting your assets to limiting your exposure to potential liabilities.

Robert H. Solomon, PC can assist you with a wide range of business and legal issues. We are here to offer carefully developed solutions to all matters that may arise during the business cycle, including the drafting and negotiating of contracts.

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Protecting the Future of Your Company

If a dispute arises after you sign a business contract, the proper enforcement of every obligation depends upon how well you drafted the contract. Without proper legal counsel, a contract may fail to address all elements of a transaction and may lend itself to future disputes and litigation. At Robert H. Solomon, PC, we strive to preserve your business’s best interests not just during formation but throughout its entire life. With our years of experience handling business transactions, we can help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure your contract reflects and advances your goals as a business owner.

Come to our firm for skilled assistance with the following procedures:

  • Sales of partnership interests
  • Admission to partnerships
  • Amendments to partnership agreements
  • Structure and formation of general/limited partnerships and limited liability companies

Our office can help you establish the foundations your company needs to thrive. With our guidance, you can put the legal structures in place today to give your business the best possible chance of exponential growth.

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