Elder Law

Elder Law Attorney on Long Island, NY

Protecting assets for long-term health care needs is a fact of life for many families. Elder law includes asset protection planning, preservation of assets, disability planning, nursing home arrangements, and Medicaid planning. These areas are rapidly changing and require expert knowledge of exempt transfers and trusts. We have the knowledge and skills needed to advise our clients regarding their options.

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Our Elder Law & Guardianship Services

At Robert H. Solomon, PC, we are intimately familiar with resources and services both publicly and privately available to meet your needs. We are fully prepared to discuss and actively mitigate any issues that arise during this planning. Our goal is to guide you with patience, care, and compassion as you navigate the nuances and challenges of elder law.

We recommend an independent geriatric care manager who works closely with clients to create the best care plan for their elderly family members. This includes hospital discharge planning, developing a home care plan, and aiding with placement in an appropriate facility. In the event of an emergency, we are ready to act quickly to help your family deal with the crisis and avoid undue stress.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive guardianship services. Guardianship is a legal relationship between a competent adult (the "guardian") and a person who is no longer able to take care of their affairs (the "ward"). A person can be incapacitated through age or disability, unable to take care of their personal needs or property management as a result. The guardian is authorized to make legal, financial, and healthcare decisions for the ward. In some instances, we may suggest a “limited guardianship,” in which the guardian may exercise only those rights that have been removed from the ward and delegated to the guardian.

Because guardianship involves a profound loss of freedom and dignity, state laws require that guardianship be imposed only when less restrictive alternatives have become ineffective. We can guide you through these various options to help you make the best decision for your specific circumstances.

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