Documents To Bring



When faced with credit problems and potential bankruptcy, hiring an attorney might be the answer to getting your financial life back on track. If you are planning to contact an attorney, use the checklist below to gather the documents that the attorney will need to see to provide you with the best advice and representation.


  • Social security card and photo identification (i.e. drivers license)
  • Most recent bank statements (SIX MONTHS)
  • Most recent bills from every creditor (Note: Don't worry if you have not kept all of your bills. We will run a credit report for you to make sure we list everyone.)
  • Most recent payment coupons for vehicles (lease or purchase), real estate, and student loans
  • Proof of income (ie. paystubs for you and your spouse) for the past SIX MONTHS
  • Investment accounts statements (SIX MONTHS)
  • Files from previous litigation, including especially any judgments that have been entered against you OR where you are suing someone else (i.e. car accident)
  • Files from previous attorneys
  • Any divorce decree or other court order that requires you to pay child support or maintenance
  • Canceled checks for any expense you cannot otherwise document
  • ALL your correspondence from creditors (i.e. collection letters)
  • ALL insurance policies
  • Tax returns for the last FOUR years
  • Vehicle titles
  • Your lease or mortgage

If you own a business, profit and loss statement and balance sheet for SIX MONTHS plus bank statements SIX MONTHS and any guarantees of leases or corporate debts (including corporate credit cards)

  • Any promissory notes you have signed
  • Other documents relating to debts you owe other people
  • Any proof that anyone owes you money
  • Any lawsuits with which you have been served

Do not panic if you can not find all of this information! You do not need to have all of this information at our first meeting. During our first meeting, we will prepare a list of additional information which we require and which the Trustee will require. We will give you an opportunity to gather this information before we prepare final documents for your signature.