Business Matters & Transactions

We represent clients through all aspects of the structure and formation of general and limited partnerships and limited liability companies. This includes the sales of partnership interests, admission to partnerships, and amendments to partnership agreements. Our office can help you establish a firm and secure basis for your business that will start you off on the right foot.

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In any and all business transactions, it is important to make informed decisions about your business to that will protect it and allow it to thrive. If you are looking to start, expand or sell your business, there are a number of important factors to consider, from protecting your assets to limiting your exposure to potential liabilities. Our law office can advise on a wide range of business law and legal issues and can offer solutions to matters that may arise during the business cycle, including the drafting and negotiating of contracts.

How well a contract is drafted determines how well it can be enforced should a dispute arise after it is signed. Without proper legal counsel, a contract may fail to address all elements of a transaction and can open up involved parties to future disputes and litigation. We strive to ensure your businesses protection not just during formation but throughout its life.

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