Robert H. Solomon, PC

Robert H. Solomon, PC

Rob's Success Tips

  1. Get Informed! Get your questions answered before you show up to court.  Know your rights and understand the process. 

  2. Get Representation! Getting proper representation can save you time, money, hassle and humiliation. It's smart to get yourself an ally who knows the rules and is prepared to handle the system.

  3. Get Organized! Get all your papers, receipts and forms organized together in one binder or folder. Keeping track of the details of your case is half the battle! 

  4. Be on time! Procrastinating and submitting forms late will not help your case. Your legal problem will not go away if you ignore it.  But you will impress the court with your good character and responsibility if you are on time and prepared.

  5. Know the Players! Get to know all the parties involved in your case - know who is in the room and what their role is.  It's your legal right to know and it's as easy as asking to find out!