Bankruptcy Attorney Baldwin NY

We are the top-rated Bankruptcy Attorney Baldwin, NY. Robert H. Solomon has been working with individuals and businesses for the past three decades helping thousands of clients with their bankruptcy cases. As an experienced Long Island Bankruptcy Attorney, Robert has also made sure that his clients are aware of the best options available to them regardless of where they stand with regard to the Bankruptcy Code. He has helped countless of families and individuals by reducing creditor harassment as well as determining which proceedings suited those best: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and other bankruptcy alternatives.

Why chose a Bankruptcy Attorney BALDWIN NY?

As an experienced Baldwin Bankruptcy Attorney, Robert Solomon will find an effective and efficient way to make sure that your debt is resolved with the least negative impact on your family. He understands the stresses that come with bankruptcy as well as the negative impact it may have on your life, which is why he will not only fight your creditors off, but also make sure that you will be able to not only plan for the future, but also get that fresh start that you’re looking for.

Call to make an appointment and stop by our Uniondale office today for your free consultation. Bear in mind, there’s no obligation: All we have to do is see which chapter in the Bankruptcy Code you’re qualified for. If you wait too long, things could get worse; remember, there’s always an option to save your home from foreclosure, and your other items don’t have to be repossessed, Robert H. Solomon can and will help you find that alternative solution to your financial needs.


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Rob's Success Tips

  1. Get Informed! Get your questions answered before you show up to court.  Know your rights and understand the process. 

  2. Get Representation! Getting proper representation can save you time, money, hassle and humiliation. It's smart to get yourself an ally who knows the rules and is prepared to handle the system.

  3. Get Organized! Get all your papers, receipts and forms organized together in one binder or folder. Keeping track of the details of your case is half the battle! 

  4. Be on time! Procrastinating and submitting forms late will not help your case. Your legal problem will not go away if you ignore it.  But you will impress the court with your good character and responsibility if you are on time and prepared.

  5. Know the Players! Get to know all the parties involved in your case - know who is in the room and what their role is.  It's your legal right to know and it's as easy as asking to find out!