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Testimonials & Real Life Results

Excellent Service. Highly recommend.

Mr. Solomon explained the whole procedure in our consultation. We felt so comfortable we immediately hired him as our attorney. Mr. Solomon and his assistant Julie exceeded our expectations. I cannot say enough about them. I highly recommend Mr. Solomon for his service. You get more for your money over anyone else.

Ira, July 2017


The best decision i ever made was using Robert H Solomon as my bankruptcy attorney. He made the entire process easy and kept me calm every step of the way. I would highly recommend him for any law service you may need!

Loretta, June 2017



Robert Solomon and his team are the best! Back in 2014 I had to claim bankruptcy. To me, it felt like the lowest point I could ever hit in life! Before finding Robert and his team, I felt very depressed and trapped! After one consultation with a Robert, a ton of weight and worry was lifted off my back!!! My bankruptcy was discharged in Jan 2015.....only three months later I was getting credit card offers in the mail! Sure enough I felt the need to apply and I was approved for one! Shockingly it was more than I wanted especially after bankruptcy but to me it was a sign that I was starting over and boy have I! I'm in a better spot now in life than ever!!! It's now June of 2017 (little under 2.5 years of my chapter 7 bankruptcy) and I was approved for a house up to 400k! So for those worried as I was....don't be! Let Robert and his team help you out today should you need it!!! Robert Solomon is your go to lawyer when it comes to bankruptcy! He offers more services too such as representing you when you make that house purchase!! I couldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for Robert and his team! Thanks again for all your help!!!

David, June 2017


Robert Solomon was absolutely wonderful to work with. This was my first time ever needing a lawyer and he was very welcoming and understanding. His explanation of everything was well understood. I also found that he is very reasonable priced. His staff, especially Julie was very easy to get in contact with either via phone or email and she was definitely fast in getting the information you need. All around great business and would highly recommend Mr Solomon for anyone needing his services.

Mary Ellen, June 2017

Thank You Mr. Solomon

It took time for me to call a bankruptcy attorney to discuss my credit card problems and house foreclosure. I didn't want to do it. However, after I called your office and spoke with your staff, I knew I made the right decision. I was warmly welcomed in your office and having you by my side at the bankruptcy court was comforting. From the day I declared bankruptcy, I felt like a weight was lifted from me and my family. Today, I feel like a new person with a fresh start. Thank you and your staff for guiding me through the process and insuring me that I will be better than ever.

Rita, May 2017


Robert Solomon is by far, one of the BEST Attorneys on Long Island. He is an expert in his field and made our experience easy as possible with all of his expert knowledge. I would definitely recommend Mr. Solomon to anybody in need of an Attorney!

Bruce, April 2017

Excellent Lawyer

Thank you Mr. Solomon and Julie for helping me and my wife through this difficult time. Your service was very professional and outstanding and you made the process much easier than we thought it would be. 
I would highly recommend this law office to others.

Kris, January 2017


Highly recommend the services at this office. Rob and Julie treat you with respect and kindness. Made the process much easier than I thought it would be.

Lisa, January 2017

Great service!!!!!!

Mr. Solomon and his staff handle our case with such professionalism. His staff was very kind, helpful and answered all of our concerns which put our minds at ease. Thank you Mr. Solomon for taking care of us in our time of need!

Ryan, August 2016


I never thought I'd find myself in this position. 
When I first met with Mr. Solomon, all of my worries and concerns were immediately put as ease. 
My chapter 7 Bankruptcy was filed quickly. I would highly recommend him. Julie also was excellent in addressing all of my concerns as well.

Patricia, August 2015

My Luckiest Day

Facing financial disaster, and not knowing where to turn, I turned to the Internet, and on my luckiest day found Robert Solomon. Watching his video, I was attracted to his calm demeanor, and in this time of turbulence he guided me and gave me strength. And there was no need for me to be anxious on my Court date; it seemed to me I was better prepared for Court than other lawyers' clients!

Sue, May 2015

Great Lawyer

I have only wonderful comments for this firm, I felt comfortable with them from the start . He made sure I was informed at all times either by phone, text or email. He didn't leave anything out or make me feel incompetent. Very professional and straight to the point. I would highly recommend him for the job.

Cynthia, May 2015

The best Bankruptcy Attorney on Long Island!!

I came to Mr. Solomon after experiencing severe financial hardship. I had lost my job, was down to my last nickel trying to dig out of the financial hole I had created for myself. Mr. Solomon was very kind and explained to me the options that I had. I filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, discharged all of my unsecured debt and now I can breathe! I would highly recommended Mr. Solomon to anyone experiencing financial trouble and who needs a helping hand. Thank you again Mr. Solomon!

Barbara, November 2010